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Vince Nance

I manage a high performance sales team, teach Brazilian Jiu-jitsu at my gym in Mansfield, host workshop events and seminars, and work with coaching and training clients.

What Sets Me Apart

The life experiences I’ve had inform not only my worldview, but how I approach many aspects of coaching and leadership. I have built and led teams in the real world within major companies, launched companies, owned a successful Jiu-jitsu gym and fitness business for 9 years, and struggled and failed through it all - getting up every time, learning, and continuing on.

My time as a former MMA fighter and now Gracie Barra Brazilian Jiu-jitsu black belt and coach informs my approach to strategy and high level competition.

As a military veteran who had to rebuild my identity over years after suffering head trauma while skydiving, my relationship to the power of mindset, beliefs, and the story of self is both powerful and deeply personal.

Going back to school after years of entrepreneurship and working for a Master's degree in Organizational Leadership gave me an academic platform to research not only what makes leaders and organizations struggle, but what causes them to succeed.

About Vince

Ready to begin?

Get in touch today to learn more about success and mindset coaching or to discuss hosting a seminar or workshop for your organization.

Team Seminars and Workshops

From 2019 to 2022 I built and led a transformative sales and mindset program for select employees within a 42 store sub-market of the largest Verizon retailer in the United States. Using an intensive 2 day training with weekly followup for the quarter, we watched it not only double their performance during the quarter they were in the program, but long term as well. A side-effect that surprised me was that the retention after one year for program graduates was better than the company average. It also created some top tier leaders and sales performers who connected with their role in the company and went on to experience continued success.

Here’s the fascinating thing though - the people in my program weren’t the top 10%. They weren’t even the top 50%. I asked to be allowed to exclusively coach the bottom 1 - 5% of sales performers across the market. Their teams had almost all written them off, and the majority were already looking for new jobs on indeed when they got to our program. I had a theory that these “low performers” were under-supported and struggling with serious cognitive dissonance about the professional situation they now found themselves in. Over those two days, we provided a space to realign their relationship with the company, the customer, and most importantly, themselves.

Seeing the impact that this training had on the careers, financial health, stress, relationships, and self-confidence of the participants is the most significant factor in deciding to help leaders to develop programs that allow them to connect in deeper and more productive ways with their teams. Without the vision and creativity of the leadership within this company, my idea for this sales coaching program would never have been realized and neither would any of its benefits. I am so grateful to have been given the resources and opportunity to show what these incredibly talented people were really capable of when given the tools and support to thrive!

Presenting and hosting workshops has consistently been one of the most inspiring experiences of my life. Whether in Toastmasters competitions in South Korea, hosting webinars, being a guest on podcasts, and speaking to an entire auditorium of High School students about their dreams, a museum’s entire staff about safety, or a room of other sales leaders and coaches - being invited to communicate with a group of people about something that might help them on their journey is humbling and fulfilling.

Professional Success

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Success & Mindset Coaching

Since 2008 I have been collaborating with clients to define their goals, develop a plan to move toward them, and provide strategies to resolve internal and external obstacles that arise throughout that process.

One of my favorite things to do is dig deep initially on not only the why of the goal, but of the deeper wounds and needs that goal will supposedly meet. Coaching is not therapy - but that occasionally becomes part of the journey and I have suggested that many clients see a good therapist either in place of or in conjunction with our sessions. Coaches must know who and what they are - as well as who and what they are not.

Everyone is different, has a different story, different needs, different fears, and different desires. I have found that coaching at its core is a way to strategize about real world problems, navigate the landscape of progress, and create clear accountability frameworks based on the goals of you - the client. And get to laugh and have fun on the way, which is absolutely vital.

Professional Success

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